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CFO consulting services Houston

CFO Consulting Options for Middle Market Companies

M. A. Clark & Associates helps develop successful growth and exit strategies, execute acquisitions, raise capital, manage banking relationships and provide leadership for your finance and accounting team. We work on a fractional or project basis with companies that may not need a full-time Chief Financial Officer, but do need an experienced executive voice. Clark has served numerous middle market companies in diverse industries with revenue ranging between $5-$50 million, and also held an executive role on a leadership team which built a $100 million company into a $1.5 billion industry leader.

CFO Services

As the business owner or CEO, you understand operations; you understand sales and marketing, but are you really comfortable with the financial side of the business? Do you speak the language of your bankers and investors? Do your financial statements tell the right story? Do you have a business plan? Is your cash managed effectively? Is your accounting department functioning to its fullest?  Do you know where you want to be in 3-5 years?


M. A. Clark & Associates offers fractional/interim CFO Services to middle market companies who need a seasoned financial executive on their leadership team, but cannot afford a full-time Chief Financial Officer.

Financial Transactions

A well-executed acquisition can be one of the best ways for a middle market company to enhance its value.  However, most acquisitions fail to realize their potential. That usually results from poor planning, ineffective due diligence or failure to manage the post-merger integration thoughtfully. 

Alternatively, middle market business owners may be seeking an exit strategy. To maximize your value requires positioning the company well in advance of pursuing a sale.


M. A. Clark & Associates has extensive practical experience to support your M&A strategy from both the buy or sell side. We can also help restructure debt or raise additional capital to facilitate your business objectives.

Management Consulting

As your organization grows, complexity increases. With success comes increased challenges. Middle market companies generally do not have a Board of Directors. An outside sounding board or facilitator can help a leadership team maintain focus on the bigger picture that can be obscured in day to day business activities. What are the next opportunities? Do you have a strategic plan? What are your major risks? Do you have a clear brand and corporate culture? 

M. A. Clark & Associates has a broad range of experience to provide an outside perspective to amplify the effectiveness of your team and align activities to drive your business success.

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