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Financial Transaction Services

A well-executed acquisition can be one of the best ways for a middle market company to enhance its value. However, most acquisitions fail to realize their potential. That usually results from poor planning, ineffective due diligence or failure to manage the post-merger integration thoughtfully. Too often the numbers look good on paper,

but under the surface lurk issues that may undermine future success.  How secure is the customer base of the target company? Do you understand their risk profile? Is success dependent on keeping key people? 


Alternatively, owners of a small or middle market company may be seeking an exit strategy. To maximize your value requires positioning the company well in advance of pursuing a sale. Do you have a story that is compelling both strategically and financially for a prospective buyer?  Have you anticipated obstacles that might get in the way? Do you understand the difference between enterprise value and equity value?


M. A. Clark & Associates has extensive practical experience to support your M&A strategy from both the buy or sell side. We can also help restructure debt or raise additional capital to facilitate your business objectives. Our Financial Transaction Services include the following:


  • M&A transaction support

    • Buy side

 Due diligence

 Deal negotiation and structure

 Transition planning & communication

 Post-merger integration

  • Sell side

 Develop exit strategy

 Positioning company for sale

 Deal negotiation & structure

  • Raise capital

    • Define needs

    • Prepare financing memorandum

    • Market and introduction to banks, PE investors, other sources

  • Debt restructuring






Working With Us

STEP 1 - Introductory Meeting

  • We start by listening . . . to learn about your company and your needs. If we are the right fit, we will sign a nondisclosure agreement to review information required to prepare a service agreement

STEP 2 - Service Proposal

  • The service proposal clearly defines our working relationship including the services we will provide, fee arrangement and terms of service.

STEP 3 - Partner in Your Success

  • We seek a working relationship where we succeed together!

Who Needs Financial Transaction Services

  • Sales in excess of $5 million

  • You have a line of credit and other debt

  • You seek to grow by acquisition

  • You want to sell or exit the business within five years

  • You require capital for growth

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