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CFO Services

For any small or middle market company, a functional basic accounting system is a must. However, that is not nearly enough to succeed, especially if your company is growing or in turnaround mode. As the business owner or CEO, you may feel confident leading your company in its current environment but feel growing uncertainty about how to manage the migration to your desired next level. You understand operations; you understand sales and marketing, but are you really comfortable with the financial side of the business? Do you speak the language of your bankers and investors? Do your financial statements tell the right story? Do you have a business plan? Is your cash managed effectively? Are you measuring the right metrics? Do you dread annual benefit plan renewals? Is your accounting department functioning to its fullest? Do you know where you want to be in

3-5 years?


You need a seasoned financial executive on your leadership team,

but cannot afford a full-time Chief Financial Officer.


M. A. Clark & Associates fills that void with fractional or part-time CFO Services. Often we can fulfill your CFO needs in 40-60 hours per month (i.e. 1-2 days per week, one week per month etc.). Alternatively, we can provide an interim CFO solution and assistance filling your full-time financial leadership needs.  Our CFO Services include the following:

  • Key member of corporate leadership team

  • Bank & investor relations

  • Business planning

  • Budgeting and forecasts

  • Financial reporting & analysis

  • Cash management

  • Lead and develop accounting team

  • Manage benefits selection and renewal process


Who Needs CFO Services

  • Sales in excess of $5 million

  • You have a line of credit and other debt

  • Your pace of growth is accelerating

  • Your leadership team lacks depth

  • You lack a clear business plan

  • You want to sell or exit the business within five years

  • You would like better financial data

  • Your accounting department lacks leadership

  • You are privately held

Working With Us

STEP 1 - Introductory Meeting

  • We start by listening . . . to learn about your company and your needs. If we are the right fit, we will sign a nondisclosure agreement to review information required to prepare a service agreement

STEP 2 - Service Proposal

  • The service proposal clearly defines our working relationship including the services we will provide, fee arrangement and terms of service.

STEP 3 - Partner in Your Success

  • We seek a working relationship where we succeed together!

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